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The Facts About Auto Insurance

Car insurance is a must when driving on the roads on daily, as it is a requirement and an essential means of protection after an accident. Massachusetts is like every other state in the sense that both companies that provide car insurance and drivers need to be aware of certain state-specific rules and regulations. Understanding these rules will help consumers stay safe and informed of their rights when shopping for a new policy.

Massachusetts regulations for auto policies and insurers

As a rule, all cars that drive on the state's roads are required to have basic liability insurance. This mimics the law in every state that some coverage is always needed, and auto insurance cannot be avoided. One unusual regulation is that a person's credit score or history absolutely cannot be used as a factor in determining their car insurance rates. This is meant to protect consumers against having unrelated financial information used to affect the price of their auto insurance. Although the state has minimums for auto insurance, we highly recommend going for full coverage or extended coverage. A liability policy will only cover someone else's vehicle and not your own. This means that if you hit a mailbox or a tree falls on your car, it will not be covered. It is important to discuss all your options when it comes to auto insurance in Massachusetts.

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