Auto Insurance

Car insurance is a must when driving on the roads on daily, as it is a requirement and an essential means of...

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Home Insurance

The biggest asset that most people will ever own is a home. Since property in Massachusetts is such a significant...

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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance is one of the more complicated plans for business owners in Massachusetts. Yankee...

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Welcome to Yankee Insurance!

Your family, life, and business should always be your priority. One way that you can take care of them is by having the right insurance policies in place. This goes a long way to protect your family financially, should the unthinkable occur. In Massachusetts, the employees at Yankee Insurance work hard to make sure that their clients have the coverage they need. We can help with home, auto, commercial, motorcycle, life, flood, and renters insurance policy options.

When you start researching insurance options that you need, our website has general information to get you started. Our home and auto policy rating tools can provide quotes in the privacy of your home. But to get more in-depth information, call or come by our offices to have your questions answered. Our team is ready to point you in the right direction, explain unfamiliar terms, and suggest policies that may provide better coverage for your situation. While this visit takes time out of your day, consider it an investment in the protection of your family or business.

While you may not like thinking about insurance, it’s an essential financial tool. Consider the ramifications of someone having an accident at your home. A fire or severe weather event could damage your home and personal possessions. These types of events can severely impact a family financially. With appropriate insurance in place, you and your family are able to recover faster. At Yankee Insurance, we work with individuals and families to make sure their lifestyle is safe. Throughout Massachusetts, we are known for our customer service and thoughtful care. When you need insurance, don't hesitate to reach out to our office for the information and policies you are looking for. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take time today to ensure that you have the protection you need. Call now!

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